Jay Ahmed


Hi, My name is Jay Ahmed and im the founder of Youth Fuel. Having graduated in Multimedia I have been a practicing multimedia professional, alongside completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Enterprise and successfully completing a Masters Scholarship in Digital Media at Coventry University.


Having amassed 10 Years education and work experience in Multimedia, I now want to contribute all the skills I have acquired back to society. To try and prevent some of the problems that children could face early on. To be pro-active on their behalf instead of reactive later in their educational career.


I Want to contribute back by helping to raise a generation of happy, healthy children and I know that making a difference isn't always easy but it was always gratifying, with me keen to support young people  to make positive changes in their behavior to improve their own health and wellbeing that of their friends and families.


Providing young people with the opportunity to tone their views and concerns, raise issues, participate in activities and play an active role in Youth Fuel supporting young people to take positive steps. 


My motto: carpe diem – seize the day!


Exciting times for us!